Note-Taking Training Manual

Many people have the need to take notes: interpreters, attorneys, health care providers, and students, among others.

Some try to learn short-hand, a complex system which requires several months (even years) of practice to master.

However, there is a widely unknown but simple alternative to take notes more clearly and efficiently.

Jean François Rozan and Andrew Gillies, two pioneer conference interpreters, provide techniques to significantly streamline note-taking.

Although originally created for interpreters, these practical guidelines are extremely helpful to anyone who takes notes.

The Note-Taking Manual will help you master note-taking symbols as well as Rozan and Gillies’ techniques.

You will acquire up to 40 new symbols through dictations (available as free audio files by clicking here).

Click here to preview the Note-Taking Manual.

Each exercise offers a sample of notes to compare with your own and discover additional tips.

This educational tool will help you become the best interpreter and/or note-taker you can be.

Note-Taking Training Manual