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  • Court Forms Translated into Several Languages

    Check out these court forms translated into several languages. A great resource to find target language equivalents within the context of a phrase. 
  • Pre-Test Tips for Interpreters

    Preparing for an interpreter’s oral exam? Check out Interpretrain’s pre-test tips to help you succeed.

  • Training for the Court Interpreter Written Exam

    Be prepared for the court interpreter written exam by learning how the courts work.
  • Deeply Discounted Interpreter Supplies

    When you buy interpreter supplies (or anything else), keep in mind that these stores will match the prices found on Amazon!!
  • Helpful Idiom Training for the Court Interpreter Written Exam

    These idiom quizzes (with answer keys) provided by, will help you to bring your A game to the Court Interprerter Written Exam.
  • Court Interpreter Training Practices

    The Supreme Court is back in session this month. Interpret their most recent cases and compare them to the transcripts.
  • Mock Court Interpreter Written Exam Sample

    Mock Court Interpreter Written Exam Sample from Washington
  • Free Interpreting Practices Offered by the NJ Courts

    Check out these FREE interpreting practices offered by the NJ Courts. They include instructions, audio materials, transcriptions, and grading mate...
  • 10 Tips to Master Note-Taking in the Consecutive Mode

    Watch this free court interpreter training video to learn simple tricks and tips to improve your note-taking when interpreting in the consecutive mode.
  • Free Court Interpreter Oral Exam Sample Test

    Are you ready for the court interperter oral exam? Try our free court interpreter oral exam sample test and find out. Test yourself in both the consecutive and simultanous modes, then grade your performance with our new Self-Evaluation Technology. 
  • Get a Free CIMCE Credit

    Get a Free CIMCE Credit